Compu-Link Corporation (DBA Celink)
3900 Capital City Blvd
Lansing, MI 48906

State License License Number
Alaska Business License 980905
Arizona collection agency license CA-0932170
Arkansas Collection Agency 4664
Arkansas Mortgage Servicer License 10176
California DOC "CA Residential Mortgage Lending Act (CRMLA)- DOC Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act" 4131131
Colorado collection agency license 992513
Connecticut Mortgage Servicer License MS 3020
Connecticut collection agency license CCA-3020
District of Columbia Mortgage Lender License MLB4406
Florida Mortgage Lender Servicer License MLD540
Florida Consumer Collection Agency License CCA9903586
Georgia Mortgage Lender License 6803
Hawaii Mortgage Servicer License MS059
Hawaii Collection Agency Exempt COLAX 782
Illinois Residential Mortgage License MB.0006846
Indiana SOS collection agency license Approved
Iowa Mortgage Banker License 2006-0002
Kansas Mortgage Company License MC.0001865
Kentucky Mortgage Company License MC73885
Louisiana Residential Mortgage Lending License no number
Louisiana Collection Agency - SOS 40996311I
Maine Loan Servicer SVR8217
Maryland Mortgage Lender License 14728
Massachusetts Debt Collector License DC3020
Michigan collection agency license Permit ID 2401002677
Michigan Collection Agency Manager Permit ID 2402002658 Audit No 2820729
Michigan 1st 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender/ Servicer Registrant FR0019078
Minnesota Residential Mortgage Servicer License MN-MS-20192020
Mississippi Mortgage Lender License 360/2008
Missouri Residential Mortgage Loan Broker License 10-1878-S
Montana Mortgage Servicer License 3020
Nebraska Mortgage Banker License 320
Nevada Mortgage Servicer License 4385
Nevada Business License E0384092016-4/ NV20161515008
New Hampshire Mortgage Servicer Registration 11568-MS
New Jersey collection agency bond 11249/ Registration Number 14782
New Mexico collection agency license 02107
New York Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration 3020
New York NYC Debt Collection Agency License/Business License 2001047
New York: City of Buffalo City of Buffalo Collection Agency License CAG13-10027280
North Carolina Mortgage Servicer License AS-146059
North Carolina Collection Agency license 112674
Oklahoma Mortgage Lender License ML011054
Oklahoma Mortgage Originator License MLO12738
Oregon Business Registration Registration # 42712281 Compu-Link & 1541598
Oregon Collection Agency Registration CA50115
Puerto Rico Mortgage Lender/Servicer IH-170
Rhode Island Third-Party Loan Servicer 20163232LS
South Carolina BFI BFI- Mortgage Lender/Servicer License MLS-3020
South Dakota Mortgage Lender License ML.04924
Tennessee Mortgage License 109083
Tennessee Collection Service License 1889
Texas Third-Party Debt Collector Bond 20150062
Texas OCCC Regulated Lender License 150948
Texas SML Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration N/A
Utah Collection Agency Registration 9323285-0131
Utah - DFI Res 1st Mortgage Notification 8148145-0143
Vermont Loan Servicer License (trade name #1) 3020-1
Virgin Island Mortgage Lender License VI-MLC-3020
Virgin Island Business License 581122
Washington Consumer Loan Company License CL-3020
Washington Business License 603 018 607
West Virginia Mortgage Lender License ML-31003
Wisconsin Mortgage Banker License 21902BA
Wyoming Collection agency certificate of exemption application On file